Hometown Heroes

Learners Choose Influential Hometown Heroes

Challenges are front and center in today’s culture and are prominent in new stories every day. Not surprisingly, challenges are often front and center in today’s school culture as well. But what about the people who act with courage every day in our school and community? How are these hometown heroes honored?

Renaissance Academy learners in English 10 were challenged to better Renaissance Academy and the Clarksville Community by honoring local heroes who act with courage.

To complete this project, learners chose someone they view as a hero and honor them by creating a video/news feature which focuses on this person and his/her accomplishments.

Learners were given advice from WHAS 11’s Rachel Platt on how to effectively create a meaningful story about an influential person.

Learners will present their videos in Collins Auditorium at Clarksville High School on Thursday, March 9 at 6:30 p.m.

Take at a look at some of our learners’ projects!

Sophomore Keegan Allred
Hero: Pam Cooper, RA/CHS Teacher

Sophomore Kailey Barrett
Hero: Paul Kevin Barrett

Sophomore Trinity Cox
Hero: Brian Cox, father